Words are brain fodder

seeing them on the page

provoking a sense of being

in the world

part of a living syntax

What part of speech am I

an action

moving constantly from one point

to another

experience affected by action

A person, place, thing

but then we must ask

what is thing

what is person

what is it to be alive

and pushing forward the action


Or a sedentary object

waiting still

for the action to happen

I a waiting word

waiting to say words

to counter the action

I did not make

Am I the words I say

or the result of what others

have said before

the consequences of lurid thoughts

spoken without my consent

no agency

Are my words defining

am I the agent of these thoughts

open to speculation

to words not yet defined

my brain waiting hungry

object and subject

at odds an action

stagnant motion


MA in Classics: Latin poetry as well as myth and folklore. Writes mostly poetry and book reviews. Part-time Latin tutor: https://latinbyabby.wordpress.com/

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