So I did a thing and took a bunch of my poems from Medium and published them in a collection! You can find it on Amazon on ebook and paperback, and it is also on NetGalley!

You’ll notice when you read it that it is indeed a collection of pastoral themed poems. There are lots of mythological references which I took from Vergil, as well as general pastoral themes that help define the world we are living in now. Here is the formal description of the book:

Loss And Other Landscapes is a poetry collection that takes the themes of ancient and mythological pastoral poetry and brings them to the 21st century. This collection includes poems of loss and rebirth, of memory and identity, of life and death, as each relates to the experiences of the 21st century, most especially the Climate Crisis and other socio-political events. Filled with rich language and imagery, Loss And Other Landscapes endeavors to define the present with echoes of the past.

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