I Long To Be Where You Are, or

the Melancholy of the Reader

Underneath the fir tree
Mrs. Rabbit gave to me
Blackberry jam and
Chamomile tea
Under the beech I spend
Time with a bear and friends
Cheering sad Piglet
On the mend
Anne told me a tale
Of brave knights in mail
Coming to arms without fail
Against a dragon

What I would give to be
Like book-wanderer Tilly
And find a dear friend
For me
All of you adventuring
In Wonderlands clambering
And Middle Earths and changing
Tides of the sea

I would be where you are
Beyond the nearest star
Traveling with you wide
And far
But just out of touch
I think of you much
As I tightly clutch
To me your stories

MA in Classics: Latin poetry as well as myth and folklore. Writes mostly poetry and book reviews. Part-time Latin tutor: https://latinbyabby.wordpress.com/

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