Photo by A. Siegel

Sitting in the house alone
Today while the storm beats outside
Sheets of rain and blasts of wind
It’s the kind of weather I like

But storms are full of contemplation
Sitting alone with myself
I think of all that’s in my head
As I sit in my chair and try to read

It’s impossible, I say
To read when chaos is afoot
Not just from an angry thunder god
But in my head so far from empty

A storm is a good day for it
A head so full of trepidation
And worry of what’s to come
When words fail the eyes and the lips

But a stormy day says it all
The booming of my heartbeat
The bright flash of a thought
Coming down in torrents of the mind

At least it echoes what I hear
And what I know to be myself
For I am a stormy day
Better get cozy while it lasts

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