I want a series of challenges
to prove to me that I am living

Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

to make the long days before
whatever doom I’m reaching
worth it to myself

If I can have the loveliest relationships
as tough and laborious as a grindstone
to set me up with the strongest connection
I may ever make

indeed myself
whom I don’t know and yet hope to
by the end of all this
But before that

I must learn all I can
become myself a story worth telling
even if it is as simple as the
coziest fairy tale

For we live as our own heroes before the end

I will take on the quest
the challenge of my lifetime
and be worth it for myself


©Abigail Siegel 2019

MA in Classics: Latin poetry as well as myth and folklore. Writes mostly poetry and book reviews. Part-time Latin tutor: https://latinbyabby.wordpress.com/

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